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600 Bright LED's
Bi-Color Adjustable Temperature
Barndoors and Gels
No Flicker
Stand Mountable
Digital Dimming
LCD Display
Battery or Plug-In
Remote Control
Fan Cooled

The YN 600 uses high quality LED's for balanced directional light.

Dial in your exact temperature from 3200k-5500k.  300 LED's are balanced at 3200k and 300 LED's are balanced at 5500k. Both sets are independently adjustable. 

Barndoors and two color gels are included.

The advanced high quality LED's  eliminate flicker often found in lower quality video lights.

The 1/4" threaded mount lets you mount the light to any standard stand or use the included handle to hand hold.

The YN 600 uses encoder digital dimming which can be set to standard or fine tuning modes.

The LCD gives you precise control of your power settings.  This is much more accurate then just turning a dial.

Use the included lithium-ion batteries or plug it in to an 8V 5A power adapter.

Easily control, power, brightness and temperature for up to 3 lights off the same remote.

Fan cooling keeps the unit cool during extended operation.

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Color Temperature3200K - 5500K
Color Rendering Index>=90%
Power 36W
Lumen4680 LM
Luminance Angle55°
Average Service Life50000 Hr
Remote control distance> 8m
Size260 x 188 x 40mm
Compatible Batteries

2x Li-Ion Battery or 8V 5A power adapter

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