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Sewa Innova - Labuan Bajo Lombok

Jumlah Pengunjung :  57
Rp 600.000

  Kabupaten Manggarai Barat

Setengah HariHarian

Kapasitas   : 5 -6 Orang 


Fulday Charter  : Rp.1.000.000/day

Halfday    : Rp.600.000

Transport in / Out : Rp. 200.000

Terakhir diupdate pada : 19-07-2019


Kapasitas   : 5 -6 Orang 

Harga Sewa

Jangka WaktuHarga
Setengah HariRp 600.000
HarianRp 1.000.000

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Lokasi : Labuan Bajo, Flores-NTT-indonesia
Handphone : 081246057370
Whatsapp : -
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Komodo Marina Tour is the official travel agent in Labuanbajo - Flores who has experienced more than four (4) years in Flores tourism. We are supported with a local guide who speaks english, germany, japan language, mandarin and france language. We are very experience and professional to accompany you in your trip. For those who have a plan to visit the sights/pilgrimage or many destinations around flores Island and Komodo Island, Flores Komodo Trips is ready to help you. Komodo Marina Tour provides Tour Package , Boat Charter,Rent Service. Our Tour package covers areas such as komodo Island adventure, the island of Komodo island, padar Island, , Rinca Island, Pink Beach, Manta Point, Kanawa Island and etc, We also provide Flores Overland tour covers areas such as Kelimutu Lake ,coca Beach, Wae Rebo, Home Traditional Bena , Liang Bua Cave, Blue Stone beach in Maumere, 17 Island Riung, and much more. Our packages price is vary and are very affordable. Boat Charter: is a Cruises Operator based in Labuan Bajo - West Flores - Indonesia, operates only private cruises charter to komodo national park beyond ( east flores/sumbawa/lombok). We Offer mostly for Overnight Cruises Charter including Liveaboard Diving Charter around Komodo National Park. The Phinisi boats available from 2 cabins up to 12 Cabins .In Komodo National Park , we are one of the leading cruises operator that continuously providing private cruises charter to enjoy the wonderful of komodo national park islands. Today, we Operates at least 15 Phinisi Vessels , 2 speedboats, 3 Standard deck boats , and 2 Luxury Yachts. The Speedboats available from capacity 6 Guests up to 15 Guests, and The Standard Deck Boat available with maximum guests 6 Person for Overnight cruises. Also operates 2 Luxury Yacht with Capacity maximum 6 Guests for overnight cruises, and maximum 15 Guests for Day Cruises. Our Cruises Charter operate to all islands around Komodo National Park, such as : Komodo Island, Pink Beach,Rinca Island, Manta Point, Padar Island, Gili Laba Island, Bidadari Island, Kelor Island, Kambing Island, Kanawa Island any many more. Also, we operate a cruises trip from Labuan Bajo to Lombok. All Trips Mostly available only in a Private charter base , however we also provides a group share cruises with boarding port available Labuan Bajo west Flores. Also, we have a 3 to 5 days cruises starts from Lombok to Komodo, and a 7 Days cruises start from Bali to Komodo. In addition we also provide vehicle rentals for the area around flores. We serve rent such as different types of cars, minibus, bus, motorcycles, cycles, fast boats, and there's still more.
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