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Large mykonos   01. daypack
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Mykonos - 01. Daypack

Jumlah Pengunjung :  510
Rp 296.000
Min. Order 50pcsBaruPre Order

A series of elegance sculpted in an exquisite manner. Inspired by the quintessential tale and splendid nature of Mykonos, an island of Greek Gods. Mykonos series embodies eternity fused with a twist of modernity. The concept is to emphasize sleek design while letting your fingertips dance on a textured surface. Like the well-known usage of leather combined with contemporary technique

Dimension: 27 x 9 x 50 cm
Material: polyester, faux leather, polyester lining
Accessories: screw button round rivet, metal snap button, metal slider, metal snap hook, heavy ring d, head-to-head metal zipper with leather puller, metal teeth zipper
Color options are available

Terakhir diupdate pada : 11-01-2020

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