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Brand Discover

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Brand Discover

Do you believe your brand concept is ready for the long and bumpy journey? Do you have a bible to guide your brand in exploring the future? In this progressing world, can your Brand IDentity be dynamic to changes? Well, if not, you might need to take this Brand Discovery service with us to answer those questions.

  • Insight Research
  • Humanize Brand
  • Concept
  • Visual Identity System
  • Brand Bible
  • Brand Audit

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All starts from a single hope

To see brands standing beautifully around the city, inspiring hope of a better and intimate world. That is what makes POT Branding House built in the first place. Started in a small house garage, but a huge passion of exploration, in March 2014. We gather multi-disciplinary design explorers and makers with the same purpose, vibes, and taste to expand the possibilities in exploring Brand, which makes us versatile and adaptive to deal with various styles and challenges in Branding. Creating culture shaping Brands.

Then, We pushed it Torwards What We Do

We trully believe, Brand is the most effiective medium to influence and shape global culture, and will keep progressing further. By Discover, Craft and Deliver through Humanized design process, we keep pushing ourselves to make Brands more human in communicating their values and create positive impact to society. We are here to help shaping positive and intimate culture, one Brand at a time.

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