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Ruby On Rails Developer Acejob

Jumlah Pengunjung :  30
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Persyaratan :
 At least one years experience with Ruby on Rails. 
Extensive understanding of HTML and CSS. 
Good working knowledge of Javascript 
Familiarity with the open source world, especially rubygems and Github. 
Excellent online communication skills (Slack, email). 
Ability to ease self into an existing codebase instead of having to always rewrite everything immediately. 
Ability to see the “big picture” and implement solutions that fit into the existing architecture. 
Have strong, self-informed opinions when it matters.

Tanggung Jawab :
Writing clean, well thought out and reliable code. 
Lead small, functionally oriented projects containing team members with different skills and levels of knowledge. 
Youll work on big projects as well as small maintenance tasks that support our marketing efforts. 
Working with the rest of the team to ensure we ship quickly and reliably to production.

Fungsi Kerja :
Teknik, Komputer, Teknik, Perangkat Lunak, TI, Programmer

Jenjang Karir :
Pemula / Staf, Staf Senior

Pengalaman :
Setidaknya 1 tahun

Jurusan :
Ilmu Komputer, Teknik Komputer, Teknik Informatika

Terakhir diupdate pada : 26-05-2019

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