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Solid waste management in urban areas is one of the key environmental sanitation
challenges. On solving this issue, since more than 10 years Sandec Department of Eawag
(Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology) has been at the forefront of
applied research on a novel approach of organic waste treatment and conversion by insect
larvae, using the Black Solider Fly (BSF), Hermetia illucens.
SIBRE project objective is to generate knowledge on technical but especially also on the
financial sustainability aspects of the BSF waste treatment approach and make this
knowledge available to a wide range of small and medium enterprises and municipalities
worldwide. This knowledge will be generated from practical case study evidence in
Indonesia, but generalized so to benefit other geographic and socio-economic contexts.
SIBRE project is looking for a local staff in Indonesia to collaborate on the ongoing research
on cost-benefit analysis, market assessment and business model thinking.

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- Design and planning of a market assessment in the region of Surabaya.

- Take part and supervise data collection for the market assessment (e.g. through


- Contribute to data analysis (Excel) and production of results based on the data

collected for the market assessment.

- Collaborate on a cost-benefit analysis of a practical case-study (i.e. FORWARD, a

partner operating an organic waste treatment site with BSF in Sidoarjo). This


o Development of a spreadsheet model.

o Data analysis (based on, but not limited to, data already collected).

o Keeping up-to- date documentation describing operations at FORWARD’s

site. You will maintain collaboration with FORWARD’s team to discuss

upgrades and changes in operational processes at the site.

- Analyze time-study data for computing operating costs (labor and equipment use).

(data have already been collected during the first phase of the project but further

time-study analysis may be required later in the project)


Competencies and skills:
- Basics in market understanding (e.g. 4Ps concept)
- Proactivity and ability to work in autonomy
- Good communication skills and adaptation to various stakeholders (e.g. private
businesses, public authorities, households, low- to upper-class, etc.)
- Ability to maintain reporting with supervisor via regular emails, etc.

- Bachelor Degree in the field of economics/marketing with practical experience or
Bachelor Degree in the field of environmental/civil engineering with experience in
- Fluent in English
- Proficiency in Excel
- Being located in Surabaya/Sidoarjo
- Able to drive motorcycle/car

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