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Mural Painting - Ong studio project

Jumlah Pengunjung :  683
Rp 750.000

  Kota Bandung

Jasa Mural

Terakhir diupdate pada : 06-11-2019

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Birds, leaves, air, water and many more. They're life to complete each others. and the results is, our nature looks like a "different part" of our world with their simplicity and natural beauty.

This murals was painted in four days.

Rate Harga Jasa

Rp 750.000

Area Layanan

Kota Bandung
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Lokasi : Kota Bandung

Started in January 2014, ONG STUDIO was created to fill the needs of quality artwork and design.

Our Vision is, "Imagination should be a part of life". We believe that great artwork and design can improve the quality of human life and deal with life's challenges.

We are professional artist and designer based in Indonesia, who can provide your demand of art and design, such as Mural, Sculpture, Interior Design, Furniture Production, and other decorative elements which suitable with your spaces.

We also do branding with Advertising x Mural

All of our services is handmade and handled carefully by our amazing team to satisfy your demands.

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